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There is  no getting away from the fact that solicitors can quickly become very expensive.

It is very difficult to give an estimate of the likely fees involved with out knowing the details of your case.  

However I offer a more competitive hourly rate as a Sub- Consultant Solicitor, compared to a firm of solicitors. 

I offer a fixed fee initial consultation of £150+VAT. This initial consultation usually lasts for an hour, but as long as you need.

At that meeting,  once I have understood what your situation is, I will then be able to give your an accurate estimate of cost base on the likely time I will have to spend on your case.

My hourly rate is £ 275+ VAT

If you need to go to court, there might be court fees applicable, and depending on the case you might need a Barrister to represent you

More information about court fees can be found here.


Michael Lawless

Michael Lawless


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